Trading/Buying Policy

Not really rules, but sort of.


Card Condition:
All cards listed on my site are in at least NmMt condition. I expect the same condition from cards I trade for and buy. If you are sending me 50 commons and a few are NM, that won't bother me, but otherwise I expect your cards to be NmMt. I am especially picky about condition if the cards I'm getting from you are going to be used by me as trade/sale material. If I overlook something (it happens to everybody on occasion) and you are unhappy with the cards you get from me, please let me know and I will make it right.

When the cards are sent:
Unless it is specifically said otherwise, both of use are supposed to send our end of the trade AT THE SAME TIME. A day or two difference isn't a big deal, but I really hate it when people wait until they get my cards to send out their cards. If you always do this, then tell me. I'll either say no or yes. It's actually pretty insulting when people do this, I've been trading online for six years and nobody has ever had a single problem with me. In some rare cases, I might ask the other trader to send first. This happens when the trader seems risky to me for any reason which could include acting very unprofessional, being obviously a young kid, making a trade over instant messages (which I really hate doing and have had bad luck with), offering cards that I suspect they don't have, hearing bad things from other people about them, or because of a previous trade where they did not perform well. Usually these fears can be cleared up by providing references, good eBay feedback, and/or a scan of the card. When I'm selling you a card, like every other online business I will wait until I get the money to send you the card.

"Will you trade me (insert hot card here) for my 100 commons from your wantlist, they book the same."
NO. I generally try to trade similar types of cards for each other. To make this easier, here are the types of cards I'm trading for and what I am usually willing to give up for them:

Trent Dilfer cards: Anything on my site is available in trade for Trent Dilfer cards I need, and I will usually trade in your favor, especially if I've been looking for the card forever.

Commons from my wantlists: I won't trade game-used, good RC's, autographs, or any $10+ cards for commons. I have no problem trading a bunch of regular-issue star cards and lower-end inserts for them. Lower-end RC's might be available, but it really depends on the particular cards you want and how much I want the cards you're offering.

RC's from my wantlists: For lower-end RC's it's the same as above. I'll trade decent RC's for decent RC's (short prints, serial numbered, etc.). If the RC is good enough, game-used and autographs are also available.

Inserts from my football wantlists: It depends on the rarity and hotness of the card, as well as just plain how much I happen to want it. Generally I'm not going to trade "the good stuff" for low-end inserts, though.

Game-used from my wantlists: I'll trade pretty much anything for these except star autographs and the hottest RC's.

Autographs from my wantlists: I won't trade the hottest stuff I have (read: top RC's & autos) for autographs of common players or minor league/draft pick autographs. If it's an autograph of a star then it's open season on anything.

Book Value:
Beckett is not a bible. I'll trade in your favor for cards that I really want or that I feel are undervalued. I also might not be willing to give equal value in trade for a card that I feel is overvalued or a card that isn't personally worth as much to me as it is worth in the book. If a trade just involves regular issues, low-end inserts, and low-end RC's, and you aren't offering anything I really badly want, I try to stick close to Beckett value.

Please package your cards correctly so they don't get damaged. I do.


I am not buying commons right now. Sorry, money is tight. This could change in the future.

Trent Dilfer Cards:
Check out my Trent Dilfer Buylist.

Low-dollar Inserts:
I'm buying them only if a player is high on my wantlist or it happens to be a card I really want.

High-dollar Inserts, Game-Used, Autographs, RC's:
It really depends on how bad I want it, but I'd much prefer trading. On these types of cards I pay much more attention to how much it's selling for on eBay than any book value.

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